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The Torta de fregoloti (or Fregolotti) is a typical Trentino dessert, a beautiful and rich dessert, but every now and then you can indulge in some extra touches. Similar to the more famous "Sbrisolona" from Mantua, butter (or margarine as in our variant, lighter and healthier) and almonds reign supreme!

The characteristic of this cake is that it crumbles easily, hence the name "fregoloti".

INGREDIENTS: 00 flour, almonds, margarine, sugar, fresh eggs, grappa, (sulphites), baking powder, salt.

AVERAGE NUTRITIONAL VALUES PER 100 g OF PRODUCT: energy value Kcal/KJ 471/1973, total fats 29.4 g, of which saturated 4.1 g, carbohydrates 46.0 g, sugars 19.6 g, proteins 9.2 g, salt 0.6 g.

PACKAGE: 150 gr

Produced and packaged by: La Bottega del Frà - Martinelli 5.0 srl via Borzago 55, 38088 Spiazzo (TN)