How to buy online in Bottega del Frà

By purchasing from our site you can choose from many good and genuine products.

To make a purchase you can conveniently use our online shop. Any information can be requested via email at or by telephone on0465 804431

To make the purchase, simply choose the product and, once entered, the number of pieces and "add to cart". Alternatively, you can put the product you prefer directly into the shopping basket directly from the screen that summarizes all the products by simply clicking "add to cart" on the product you prefer. Once you have completed your shopping, click on "Shopping Cart" (top right of the screen). The list of products you have chosen will appear with their respective total prices; if by mistake you have selected a product that you do not want to purchase, click on the "X" symbol to the right of the product, otherwise click on "buy". At this point, if you are not already a registered user, enter your personal data necessary to process your order. In the next step you can choose from the available shipping methods, by clicking on "next" you can confirm, modify or add the shipping address. In the "Shipping" section you can choose the additional services offered by the courier. Please note that these services have an additional cost which will be added directly to the shipping price. The services currently available are: Delivery on a fixed day, Scheduled delivery, Delivery by appointment, Insured. See more details under Shipping and returns.

Attention: from this point on you will no longer be able to cancel the order. If you have second thoughts before shipping the products, send us an email to:

If you have chosen to pay by credit card, at this point enter your credit card details and the "next" button.