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Trentino apples are known throughout the world for their quality and quantity produced.

This wonderful fruit has been a tradition of us Trentino people since time immemorial.

Apple juice has now become part of the daily life of Italians, also enjoyed during meals.

720 ML

INGREDIENTS: 100% apple juice.

Average NUTRITIONAL VALUES per 100 ml of product: energy value kcal/kj 46/193, total fats < 0.5, of which saturated fats < 0.5, total carbohydrates 11.1, of which sugars 9.5, proteins 0.2, salt (sodium x 2.5) < 0.05 .

Advice on how to taste apple juice

  • Excellent thirst quencher served cool in summer
  • In the morning at breakfast
  • In winter, heated in a saucepan with cinnamon, cloves and orange peel, it is an excellent Mulled Apple.
  • Excellent as a sweetener for cake mixes instead of sugar