Strawberry jam without added sugar

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The Strawberry Jam is produced in our laboratory in Trentino, without added sugar and without colorings and preservatives.

This jam is artisanally produced and labeled by hand.

Strawberries have been included in super foods as strawberries have a significant amount of organic acids and antioxidant flavonoids, anti-fat calcium and magnesium, anti-wrinkle vitamin C and diuretic potassium.

Tip for tasting our Strawberry Jam:

  • Spread on a slice of wholemeal toast for breakfast.
  • Spread on dry biscuits with a mountain herb tea for a snack.
  • Paired on platters of soft cheeses, low-mature cheeses and full-fat cheeses.

INGREDIENTS: strawberries , apple pulp 2%, thousand flower honey 20%, lemon juice.

NUTRITIONAL VALUES: energy value 216 KJ 917 kcal, total fats 0.0 g, of which saturated 0.0 g, carbohydrates: 57.0 g, natural sugars 53.0 g, proteins 0.0 g, salt 0.05 g .

PACKAGE TYPE AND WEIGHT: glass jar, 200 g